Does Le-Vel pose safety concerns?

Is the Le-Vel posing safety risks?

It appears that could be the case. Many cases have been brought attention in recent years.

But, first, the backstory:

The Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle supplement is one of the latest batches of supplements launched by Le-Vel. People who are used to taking Le- Vel supplements should know that you cannot take this particular supplement orally. Thrive Premium is available in adhesive stick-on form, that has the essential ingredients seeping to your bloodstream through your skin. This is not the first time health supplements were available in stick-on patch form.

Some of the primary benefits of Thrive Premium DFT include metabolic support, appetite control, mental clarity, and weight management. They’re an older version of Isagenix


DFT is trademarked for Le-Vel. It lists all the ingredients that are included with the blend and stands for Derma Fusion Technology. Le-Vel has yet to launch the ingredient chart for this product, what they do have listed is the list of ingredients that go into the blend, and not the ones in the proprietary formula.

The blend is crafted of beneficial components like Cosmoperine, willow bark, CoQ10, Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee extract, and ForsLean. ForsLean and Cosmoperine are both the trademark formula from Sabinsa Corp.

The notable thing about Thrive Premium is that the two hottest ingredients in the weight loss industry right now are present in the supplement: Garcinia Cambogia, and green coffee. [1]

However, there is no record of how much of these ingredients can be absorbed into your bloodstream after you apply DFT, as Le-Vel does not list the particular information anywhere.

How It Works

You are supposed to apply the patch on a dry and clean area on your skin. Le-Vel recommends that users go for the shoulder or the bicep in order to gain maximum absorption. You need to leave the patch on for at least 24 hours before you replace it with another one. The Thrive Premium Ultra option gets you a larger surface area. Le-Vels claims that this one comes with 300 percent more advantages than the ordinary DFT.    

Who Is It For?

Thrive Premium DFT is not targeted to a specific gender or a lifestyle. It does not matter how fit you already are, or unfit you may be, this is a perfectly suitable and safe method for you to try. You could be a stay at home parent or a full time working professional, this is for you.

No Clinical Evidence

There is no scientific research or any sort of clinical evidence behind all the claims made by Le-Vel. There is a lot of user feedback though. Some people say that they don’t feel any apparent effects of the patch. Feedback like this was more frequent from people who tried the product for a few days. Without any clinical trials for the patch supplement there is no way in telling how Thrive Premium DFT works in the long term. People will have to test it out on their own.

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