Why online security breaches are the biggest threat to international safety

Oh how the world has evolved. Once upon a time, the biggest threat to international safety was the invention of the boat. This allowed for travel and exploration, as well as conquering and wars. But fast forward a few thousand years and the biggest threat to international safety are online security breaches.

The online world has change the game. From online shopping, to online gaming, to online careers. More people are working from home than ever before, thanks to the internet.

People are going crazy over finding ways to make a living online. Why? Because it means you can make your own schedule and live anywhere in the world. No commitments, no contracts, no bosses.

There are even companies like Digital Altitude that offer training courses and resources to help people start their own online businesses. They are hotter than ever and there is no sign of the industry dying out anytime soon.

But with the influx of internet users, there also has been an influx of security breaches and hacking. Smart, bored people out there like to see just how much they can get away with by putting their skillset to the test.

Governments and companies across the world store valuable and top secret information using web based methods. These are a hot target if anyone wants to go after them.

If you’ve ever heard that nothing is safe on the internet, there’s actually a lot of truth to that. With the amount of hackers out there, nothing is completely risk-free of a security breach.

Entire countries could be at risk if information got in the wrong hands. Think about it. Stuff like military plans, trade agreements, even personal identification information. The world has become web based and is now at risk of web based attacks.

Who are the security breachers? Not your typical mommy bloggers sharing natural weight loss tips to their niche following. No, we are talking about the full out nerdy hackers you see on movies with the custom computer stations messily assembled in their parents’ basement.

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